Innovation Update: Adidas Messi 16

Inspired by and created with the help of the world’s best player, the Messi 16 is built to enhance his (and your) signature style: high-speed, quick, and a dominating touch.

Purecut and Techfit Sock

The Messi 16+ Pureagility, like the X 16+, features the Purecut internal lacing system. The laces sit underneath a cover providing unseen support, and creating a clean surface for more consistent ball feel and control. The laces are held by a series of nylon loop straps connected to the Techfit sock and work together with it to deliver a locked in fit, and support for the agile and quick movements of the Messi-type player. The compression Techfit sock system wraps the midfoot to create a one-to- one fit with no break-in time. The Messi 16+ also features a Pureagility heel lining. Made of soft synthetic suede which wraps the entire heel to keep the the boot locked to your foot.

Adidas worked with Messi to create a brand new upper material for the Messi 16 – Agilityknit. Headlined as the pinnacle of weight and strength, Agilityknit is designed for zero break-in time with maximum comfort and touch. The loosely knit structure allows the shoe to adapt to the foot as it changes over the course of a match or training session: adidas’ research shows that a player’s foot can expand up to 10mm over the course of a 90 minute match. The knit layer is digitally fused in between two PU layers providing support, structure, and weatherproofing. The top layer is also slightly tactile, working with the texture of the knit to add grip and control in any conditions. There is also a soft suede lining in the forefoot to provide extra comfort and a softer, responsive touch. With soccer shoes moving further and further forward technologically, adidas has recognized that knit shoes are not only leading the way in comfort and performance, but also sustainability.

Sprintframe Outsole and Gambetrax Tooling

As with all of the 2016 boots, the Messi 16+ is outfitted with a super light Sprintframe outsole. With this outsole, the 16+ weighs in at 6.8 oz – about a full ounce less than the 15.1. The lone holdover from the 2015 Messi is the stud pattern. The Gambetrax tooling is designed with Messi’s quick, agile play in mind. Minimal studs allow for quick penetration and release. Triangular studs in the midfoot provide stability and traction, and conical studs at the very front allow for rotational freedom in quick toe off movements.

Messi 16.1

The Messi 16.1 features the same Agilityknit upper as the 16+. A soft suede liner is fused with the stretchy knit upper and the whole boot is finished with a tactile PU layer adding grip and control in wet conditions. The 16.1 also features a monotongue lacing system. This allows for a snug fit with fewer distractions. The medial side of the upper wraps around and underneath the lateral side, and is connected to the outsole with an elasticated strap to ensure it stays in place around the foot.


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