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2016/17 Premier League Badges

Now that we are several weeks into the new Premier League season, we’re sure you’ve noticed the facelift that the league received since the 15/16 season came to a close. Following the end of a partnership with the British banking company, Barclays, the Premier League have revealed their new logo for the 2016/17 season.

The new Premier League badge features a round shape with a purple border, as well as a subtle zig-zag pattern. The circular shape is a first for the Premier League, and represents a departure from the triangular badges used in the past.

The 16/17 premier league badges are made from a material called Senscilia, and get applied to both sleeves of the jersey via heat transfer.

The defending champions, Leicester City, will wear a gold version of the patch as is customary for the title holders. A ‘Champions 15/16′ is included in the upper right side of the patch.

The English Premier League, founded as the FA (Football Association) Premier League in February of 1992, began when clubs from the old Football League First Division broke away from what is now known as the English Football League. This was the beginning of a lucrative television rights deal that has seen the Premier League grow to what it is today.

During the inaugural season, the FA Premier League was unsponsored, and all teams wore the standard FA Premier league badge. Since the 93/94 season, the defending champions have worn a special gold ‘Champions’ version of the badge.

Prior to the 12 year sponsorship with Barclays, the Premier League was sponsored by Carling from 1993-2001 and known as the FA Carling Premiership.

In the period that followed, 2001-2004, the league was known as the Barclycard Premiership.

From the 2004/05 season through the 15/16 season, the league was sponsored by Barclays. From 2004-2007, it was known as the FA Barclays Premiership, and from the 2007 to 2016, the league was known as the Barclays Premier League.

With no sponsor for this season, the league will simply be known as ‘the Premier League’.

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